jueves, 2 de agosto de 2007

Webbalert.com, simply great

I read today a post on the blog, A VC (venture capital), where you can find a new videoblog. I think it´s quite cool, actually it has been launched today, August 2nd. The name is webbalert.com. The goal of these videos is to make a brief review of the last tech news in less than five minutes and based on blogs.

I want to show you the first video that comments the most important things about tech that happened yesterday.

Some of them are the following:
Murdoch has finally completed the aqcuisition of Dow Jones so he owns the Wall Street Journal too.
Penguins was sold for 700$ million to Disney
Itunes got the number of 3 billions song sold.
Google has more than 100 open positios in New york City

I was really surprised when I saw the web, but I think it´s great. this is the good point of Web 2.0, it gives us the possibility to see the news we want to see and on the way we want to see them. Don´t you think it is great?

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